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- Saturday HIGH FITNESS at 9:15 am LIVE via ZOOM (no recording)

- Sunday Strength at 9:15 am LIVE via Facebook 

- Sunday Yoga at 10:30 am LIVE via ZOOM (no recording)

- Monday Strength at 9:15 am LIVE via Facebook

- *Tuesday HIGH FITNESS at 7:15 pm LIVE via ZOOM (no recording) *most weeks

- Wednesday Full Body Mash Up at 9:15 am - LIVE via Facebook

- Thursday Strength at 9:15 am - LIVE via Facebook (and potentially another HIGH FITNESS class at 7:15 pm)

- Friday HIIT & Stretch at 9:15 am - LIVE via Facebook

PLEASE NOTE THAT CLASSES ARE FREE UNTIL APRIL 1st.  We will be asking for a nominal fee of $50/month for access to our classes on our private Facebook Group.  If you would like access to all of our classes, please e-transfer $52.50 (GST included) to rebecca@fiton45th.com.  NOTE:   All ZOOM links will be posted on the private Facebook Group on the day of the scheduled class.

* Facebook Live sessions will be recorded and posted after in case you couldn't make it for the live session

Where your neighbours meet for FUNTASTIC Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Team Training and Nutritional Coaching. 




Full Body Mash Up!:  Burpees before slurpees and squats before shots.  Anything goes.

High Fitness:   Jane Fonda couldn't handle this high!  Aerobics is back.

HIIT & Stretch:  Sweat hard first, then the chillin' is easy.  

Kickboxing:  Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!  And kick some a$$ while you are at it. 

Strength:   Muscles are built here.  Eat your spinach and get to class.

Tabata Bootcamp:  20/10 let's do it again...and again...and again...sweat, smile and repeat.

Tabata Trek:  You can do anything for 4 minutes...bike to floor and a whole bunch more.


Tabata Trek/TRX:  Same as above, with suspension trainers for your added pleasure/pain.

Work It Circuit:  This ain't no runway...work your entire body through circuits.  No high heels required.

Yoga: Leave your laundry behind and enjoy the silence.  (No farting allowed)  :)



Below is our schedule effective JANUARY 1, 2020.  Please note that classes are subject to change. Visit our MindBody site for the most up to date class schedule. 

To sign up 

visit the Registration Page or

email us at info@fiton45th.com