All classes will be STREAMED VIA FACEBOOK LIVE THROUGH A PRIVATE ONLINE CLASSES GROUP EXCEPT WHERE INDICATED BELOW.  You will need to be a paid member of our online classes group in order to have access to tHESE LIVE CLASSES.  


- Saturday BACK ALLEY BOOTCAMP at 9:15 am (weather permitting) (If the weather is bad and we cannot host the class outdoors, we will do TWO 45 minute classes inside, taking a maximum of 10 in each class.  Start times would be 8:45 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.) (no recording)

- Sunday Strength at 9:15 am 

- Monday Strength at 9:15 am 

- Tuesday BACK ALLEY BOOTCAMP at 7:15 pm (weather permitting) (If the weather is bad and we cannot host the class outdoors, we will do TWO 45 minute classes inside, taking a maximum of 10 in each class.  Start times would be 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm) (no recording) 

- Wednesday FUSION (Bootcamp/Yoga) at 7:00 pm - LIVE via ZOOM (no recording) FREE CLASS FOR ALL!

- Thursday Iron Reps (Strength) at 6:15 pm with Stacy (45 minute class) (no recording)

- Friday HIIT & Stretch at 9:15 am 

NOTE:   All ZOOM links for Wednesday's Fusion Class will be posted on the private Facebook Group on the day of the scheduled class.  If you are not a member of our Online Classes group, you MUST register in MindBody so that we know to email you the link to the class.


1)     Unlimited online classes: $99/month (valid from Aug 1-31) 

  • Choose “Online Classes - 1 month” in MindBody

2)     Unlimited online classes plus one in-studio 4 class pack: $146/month (valid from Aug 1-31)

  • Choose “COMBO - unlimited online + 4 in-studio classes” in MindBody  (this gives you  a 25% discount on online classes)


3)     In-studio 4 class pack:  $72  (valid from Aug 1-31) 

  • Choose “In-Studio 4 class pack” in MindBody


4)      In-studio 8 class pack:  $144 (valid from Aug 1-31)

  • Choose “In-Studio 8 class pack” in MindBody


5)      Single drop-in pass:   $20

  • Choose “Drop-In” in MindBody

(All prices do not include GST/fees)

All pricing options will be sold on a month to month basis (with the exception of the single drop-in pass).  That means if you purchase an “Unlimited online class pass”, it will be good until the 30th or 31st of the month, at which time you will need to purchase one for the next month.  The same applies for all pricing options.  If you purchase an “In-studio 4 class pack”, it will be valid until the end of the month only.  Same applies to the 8 class pack.   


- there will be no carry overs of unused “In-studio classes” to the next month; 

- we have an 8 hour cancellation policy - you must cancel out of a booked class at least 8 hours prior to the class start time; otherwise, the pass will be deemed used.  

Please understand these two items before you purchase - we cannot make exceptions due to the new government health guidelines limiting our space

* Live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel in case you can't make it for the live session (with the exception of the classes noted as "no recording" above).  We will post the link to each YouTube video on the private FB Group.

Where your neighbours meet for FUNTASTIC Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Team Training and Nutritional Coaching. 




Full Body Mash Up!:  Burpees before slurpees and squats before shots.  Anything goes.

HIIT & Stretch:  Sweat hard first, then the chillin' is easy.  

Strength:   Muscles are built here.  Eat your spinach and get to class.

Tabata:  20/10 let's do it again...and again...and again...sweat, smile and repeat.

FUSION (Bootcamp/Yoga):  Get your sweat on for the first 30 mins and then strengthen and stretch it all out with 30 minutes of Yoga


Back Alley Bootcamp:  Come play outside with us!  Sunshine and sweat...perfect combo.

Iron Reps (Strength): Feel the beat, feel the burn. This strength class featuring barbells and dumbbells will challenge your muscle endurance.

Yoga: Leave your laundry behind and enjoy the silence.  (No farting allowed)  :)


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