You could pay for it, but why would you when we are giving it to you for free?

Hi!  Rebecca and Juanita here. We are the Co-Conspirators of FUNtastic fitness at Fit On 45th and we have been sitting at our fancy schmancy silver bar table with a bottle of our favourite bubbly waiting with bated breath for you to arrive. Our team drank some wine, did some karaoke and created an offer that you will not be able to resist.

We will start you off with unlimited FUNtastic fitness classes from May 15th - 31st for the…….drum roll please…….low low price of absolutely nothing.  Yes, you read that right - FREE.  If you like distorted, bass pumping music, rubbing elbows with the person next to you, or an instructor who is more concerned about doing their own workout instead of leading yours, you've come to the wrong place. 


We build fitness classes that will have you singing to current tunes (maybe under your breath, maybe with your outside voice - either is encouraged) in a smaller group setting with instructors that keep their eyes on you (no, we are not checking out your butts during squats, just ensuring proper form...wink, wink).  Most of all, we inject a fun factor into the room and will have you laughing through your workout...before you know it, the class is finished, and you'll wonder how that happened.  But, hey, as we like to say,  "don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened".  Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

This is a one time deal - no really it is - for awesome friends like you.  We will be best friends - trust us! We will have the red carpet rolled out and a special gift ready for you upon your arrival (we are not joking, we really have a special gift for you).



























Yes, that's us up there. Don't we look like fun? Keep reading. Or just click the button below if your eyes are tired.






Don't just take our word for it.  Listen to what our members have been saying: 


I go to Fit On 45th because it is not just a gym or studio to work out, but it is a community created by two wonderful ladies, that allow you to be you. It's an environment that is nonjudgmental, supportive, accepting, and also at the same time challenging one to do their best to achieve goals a person never thought he or she could accomplish.  Two classes are never the same, and there is a concerted effort to keep things fresh and always improving. Fit comes in all shapes and sizes and every single person is accepted in a loving and supportive way. I have never felt stronger or more healthier than I do now since going to Fit On 45th for the past two years.The wonderful byproduct of all this, are the connections and new friendships that are made that transcend beyond just the studio. In fact, I have created a whole new network of friends that I know will last a lifetime, that I never would have met if I did not go here. Plus, I cannot think of any other fitness studio in the entire city whereby the owners text you in true concern when you don't show up or if you are feeling unwell. There is a genuineness to this place and to the owners, Juanita and Rebecca, that makes this place one of a kind special!”


Sandy H


“I’ve been going to Fit On 45th for a few years now.  Ever since day one they have made the studio so welcoming and really take an interest in learning about you and your fitness goals and they CARE.  I love that there is such a variety of different classes, and they are at times that I can make work into my schedule.  I think one of the things that makes me keep coming back to class is the environment! Classes are always so much fun, with laughter and good times and undoubtedly a good work out, which makes it seem less like a chore to go! Rebecca and Juanita have really made the studio such a warm environment that it has encouraged friendships between both participants and instructors which is definitely not what happens at different studios.”


Kim D



“What keeps me coming back to Fit On 45th are how great Juanita and Rebecca are. I haven’t taken group classes before coming here and I was very nervous. But Juanita and Rebecca are just so good at reading their clients and knowing what they need. Some people want the intense motivational yelling during their workout - others (like me) like quiet encouragement. I got over the fear of group classes and I’ve been here for nearly three years now!! No regrets!!”


Alison D


“I come to Fit On 45th mainly to get moving and kick my butt into gear. I like the atmosphere, I like signing up for classes as I find that forces me to go. I like being challenged and pushed in my workout as I like seeing results as my reward. I like how the routine changes each week but not so much to where I can’t do the exercises (or that they get too weird or experimental). I like how I feel after I go to one of your classes. All makes it worth it, so I keep attending. “


Paul G


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Oh, you are still there...

We want you in our life.  This is why we are giving new clients unlimited fitness classes from May 15th-31st for absolutely FREE.  We only have 10 of these offers available  - once they are gone, they are gone!


All you need to do to grab one of these limited opportunities is click the button below to send us an email. Nothing scary will happen, we promise. Juanita will contact you to get you set up and ready for your first class.  We are PUMPED to have you join us.  Besides, we are looking for some new jokes.  Know any good ones?                                                                               

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