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Well hey there - glad you stopped by!  Because not all fitness classes are created equal and you might have different goals than your neighbour, we are here to help you choose the right class for you.  


Decide on your goal.  Are you just starting out and need motivation to get your couch potato self moving or are you already working your body and want to bulk up that booty so you can make the Kardashians weep with envy? Wherever you are in your fitness journey, deciding on an overall goal is a key first step in choosing the type of class or classes that are right for you.


Next, take out a second mortgage on your house and get some great workout clothes at Lululemon so you can dress the part. Looking good makes you work out harder.  Of course we are kidding here, but who doesn’t love some new gear to stink up?


Are you wanting to get rid of your muffin top or spare tire?  (And we are not talking about your banana oatmeal muffins or Good Year radials). If so, combining both strength and cardio would be an excellent option.  Building muscle with strength training helps to speed up your metabolism and consequently you’ll burn more fat. You’ll also get the added bonus of some nicely defined muscles.  Hello shoulders - it is tank top season after all. Toss a little cardio in to increase your heart rate and accelerate the calorie burn. Classes like Bootcamp, Full Body Mash Up, Kickboxing, Spin & Strength (Tabata Trek is what we call it) will do the trick.


Are you a runner?  If so, you could benefit from a little cross-training.  All that pounding of the pavement can be hard on the knees and ankles so you should aim to build up the muscles surrounding those areas.  Strength training, Barre and Yoga would be good choices for you.


Are you looking to tone up and get some definition in your muscles?  Or perhaps looking to gain or preserve muscle strength? Research suggests that as we grow ‘wiser’ (and we are talking about after age 30, because does anyone really remember anything before that?) you can lose between 3% and 8% of muscle mass per decade.  And watch out when you hit the big 5-0, as it just gains speed from there. This is where resistance / strength training comes in. Try a class that focuses just on building strength. And don’t worry about ‘bulking’ up, ladies - just a silly myth. Combat that muscle loss and start pumping some iron so you can stay strong and get stronger!


Are you looking to strengthen your core?  Well if you aren’t, you should! Look, we aren’t talking about six-pack abs here...because those are mostly made in the kitchen (more on that down the road) but everyone benefits from a strong core. Think about carrying grocery bags, shovelling snow (hopefully not for several months), even just getting up out of bed...without some core strength, you can easily pull muscles in your back and end up horizontal for weeks.  Good news...pretty much every single fitness class will incorporate exercises that strengthen your abdominals. If we could pick a couple that really target that area...well, we suggest Kickboxing (have you seen Rocky??), and any specific classes labelled as “Core” conditioning.


We hope we have helped narrow things down for you.  If you are still a little confused, just give us a call at 780-720-1432 and we will clarify things for you.  Better yet, grab a bottle of wine and head on in. We can sit on the couch and chat over a glass. Heck, we might even solve a few world problems while we are at it.  


If you are ready to get going, we will start you off with 5 FUNtastic fitness classes for …….drum roll please…….the low, low price of $45.00.  That’s 50% less than we make everybody else pay. Email us at info@fiton45th.com to grab this deal and be confident that you are making a solid rockstar decision!



Juanita & Rebecca

Co-Conspirators of FUNtastic Fitness