Building strong bodies and lasting friendships
by making fitness FUNTASTIC!



Where your neighbours meet for FUNTASTIC Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Team Training and Nutritional Coaching. 

REAL people. REAL fitness. REAL fun.



All classes will be STREAMED VIA FACEBOOK LIVE THROUGH A PRIVATE ONLINE CLASSES GROUP EXCEPT WHERE INDICATED BELOW.  You will need to be a paid member of our online classes group in order to have access to tHESE LIVE CLASSES.  


- Saturday BACK ALLEY BOOTCAMP at 9:15 am

- Sunday Strength at 9:15 am 

- Sunday Yoga at 7:15 pm  (no recording)

- Monday Strength at 9:15 am 

- Tuesday BACK ALLEY BOOTCAMP at 7:15 pm (weather permitting) If class is cancelled due to bad weather, a FB Live class will be held

- Wednesday Full Body Mash Up at 9:15 am 

- Wednesday FUSION (Bootcamp/Yoga) at 7:00 pm - LIVE via ZOOM (no recording)

- Thursday Iron Reps (Strength) at 6:15 pm (45 minute class) 

- Friday HIIT & Stretch at 9:15 am 


NOTE:   All ZOOM links will be posted on the private Facebook Group on the day of the scheduled class.



1)     Unlimited online classes: $99/month (valid from July 1-31) 

  • Choose “Online Classes - 1 month” in MindBody

2)     Unlimited online classes plus one in-studio 4 class pack: $146/month (valid from July 1-31)

  • Choose “COMBO - unlimited online + 4 in-studio classes” in MindBody  (this gives you  a 25% discount on online classes)


3)     In-studio 4 class pack:  $72  (valid from July 1-31) 

  • Choose “In-Studio 4 class pack” in MindBody


4)      In-studio 8 class pack:  $144 (valid from July 1-31)

  • Choose “In-Studio 8 class pack” in MindBody


5)      Single drop-in pass:   $20

  • Choose “Drop-In” in MindBody

(All prices do not include GST/fees)

All pricing options will be sold on a month to month basis starting on July 1 (with the exception of the single drop-in pass).  That means if you purchase an “Unlimited online class pass”, it will be good until July 31, at which time you will need to purchase one for August.  The same applies for all pricing options.  If you purchase an “In-studio 4 class pack”, it will be valid until the end of the month only.  Same applies to the 8 class pack.   


- there will be no carry overs of unused “In-studio classes” to the next month; 

- we have an 8 hour cancellation policy - you must cancel out of a booked class at least 8 hours prior to the class start time; otherwise, the pass will be deemed used.  

Please understand these two items before you purchase - we cannot make exceptions due to the new government health guidelines limiting our space


* Live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel in case you can't make it for the live session (with the exception of the classes noted as "no recording" above).  We will post the link to each YouTube video on the private FB Group.






Full Body Mash Up!:  Burpees before slurpees and squats before shots.  Anything goes. 


HIIT & Stretch:  Sweat hard first, then the chillin' is easy.  


Strength:   Muscles are built here.  Eat your spinach and get to class.


Tabata:  20/10 let's do it again...and again...and again...sweat, smile and repeat.


FUSION (Bootcamp/Yoga):  Get your sweat on for the first 30 mins and then strengthen and stretch it all out with 30 minutes of Yoga


Back Alley Bootcamp:  Come play outside with us!  Sunshine and sweat...perfect combo.


Iron Reps (Strength): Feel the beat, feel the burn. This strength class featuring barbells and dumbbells will challenge your muscle endurance.


Yoga: Leave your laundry behind and enjoy the silence.  (No farting allowed)  :)





Just getting back into a fitness routine or have a specific goal in mind?  If one-on-one training is your preference, our personal trainers will provide you with all the tools needed to achieve your individual fitness goals.  Many of our clients start with a series of sessions to get them comfortable and confident to move into classes, while others utilize both personal training sessions and our group classes.  We also offer partner and small group training sessions for those that want to work out with a friend(s) or spouse.  Whether you have a specific goal in mind or you are just starting out, we will tailor your sessions to your needs and will have you looking forward to your time with your trainer.


Personal Training Sessions (one-on-one)


  • 1-7 sessions          $80.00 per session                       

  • 8-11 sessions        $75.00 per session                       

  • 12-23 sessions       $70.00 per session                       

  • 24+ sessions        $65.00 per session                       


Partner Training (2 participants)  


  • 1-7 sessions           $55.00/per person, per session                   

  • 8-11 sessions         $50.00/per person, per session                    

  • 12-23 sessions        $45.00/per person, per session                  

  • 24+ sessions         $40.00/per person, per session                    


Small Group Training (3-4 participants)


  • All sessions $35.00 per person, per session for a group of three 

  • All sessions $30.00 per person, per session for a group of four





Looking for an option for your team to do some supplemental training?  Our creative instructors and variety of classes will give your team an incredible workout while providing some important team bonding. The teams we train have become stronger, faster and are more confident. Custom packages can include Kickboxing, Spin, Strength, Bootcamps, High Fitness and Yoga. 


  • $195/hour  (book a package of 10 or more sessions, price is $175/hour)


Some of the teams we have had the pleasure of training: 

  • TRSA Panthers Soccer

  • Edmonton Elite Tween AA Ringette

  • FOG Volleyball Club

  • NAVC Volleyball

  • SWU Soccer Club

  • Momentum Volleyball Club


Please note, all prices do not include convenience fees or GST.

For more information or to book a session please email us at

Welcome to Fit On 45th! 

Since we opened our doors in August, 2015, we have been providing residents of Riverbend and the surrounding communities with a variety of group fitness classes and personal training - you may have heard us referred to as “that place by 7-Eleven”!   Very quickly, our studio turned into a place where friendships were made, and old friendships renewed.  Whether you know anyone when you first come to a class or not, you will certainly know many by the time you leave - our instructors and members are so welcoming and inclusive.  No matter what your fitness level is, we invite you to our studio - you will feel comfortable and at home in our amazing non-threatening environment!  





Juanita Brattly and Rebecca Golberg, Co-Owners

  • Canfitpro Certified

  • Personal Training Specialist 

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist

  • Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

  • Eat-Clean Foundations

  • Eat-Clean For Wellness

  • Active Aging

  • Fitness Kickboxing Levels 1 and 2

  • TRX

  • CPR / AED


We are a couple of everyday ladies - “sisters” by choice - who have a passion for fitness and making it fun!   We LOVE what we do and we think you will find that evident when you meet us.  We believe that having a variety of options and changing up your workouts regularly is what will keep you coming back - which in turn will give you the success you are looking for - and you will never be bored in a class!   Laughter and a sense of community is a huge part of the makeup of Fit On 45th.  We KNOW our members and clients.  They are IMPORTANT to us!

So…if you are looking for a place to get a great workout in without the pressure of a big box gym, we are so glad you found us!  You are definitely in the right place.  But we will let you make that decision for yourself…contact us to try a class for FREE and you will see what the community is talking about!


Sunna Bishop

  • Canfitpro Certified

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist

  • TRX Trainer

Did someone say tuck jump?! I love the feeling of exhaustion and accomplishment that

I get after a hard workout. So much that I thought, “why not share the love”? So I got

myself certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist to start my journey on helping others

find their groove and feel good about themselves. I know that starting working out is

often intimidating and scary but I also know that if you keep at it, you’ll feel and see the

difference.  I am looking forward to gaining more experience and certifications.  


Next up: Kickboxing Instructor! 



Layton Byam

  • High Fitness

Layton is a young University student who has a contagious energy and drive, and he is

excited to be able to share his love of High Fitness with you. He stands out from the 

crowd not only by being the only male High Fitness instructor in Canada, but he can

pretty much leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Everyone needs to experience

his class - he truly loves to motivate participants to be their best selves!



Allison Boileau

  • BCRPA Certified

  • Fit For Your Life Instructor

  • High Fitness

Being physically active (gymnastics, running, cycling, and triathlons) has always been a

part of my life, but somehow I always seem to gravitate to group fitness.  It is here that

friendships are formed, goals are met, fitness is achieved and smiles are FREE! For many

years I instructed group fitness classes to put myself through university and then took

some time off to do other activities.  I took my first High Fitness Class at Fit On 45th and

was hooked and decided to take the certification course.  Since then I have been teaching

a noon hour class at U of A for work colleagues and am thrilled to be teaching at Fit On 45th. 

In short, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Stacy Kozmec

  • AFLCA Certified

  • Group Exercise, Spin and Aquatic Exercise

  • MOC Barre ​

  • Fit 4 Two pre/post natal Specialist


As the Mom of 4, I find that keeping fit is key in having enough energy to keep up with the

family. Growing stronger is important in all aspects of life, especially health. I love when

sweat is dripping from my elbows and I lift to failure. Come join me in celebrating what

our bodies can do!


Kathy Schneider

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

With always been physically active between Fitness classes, running, doing weights I

needed to add some balance to my fitness routine. Thus this brought me to Yoga 15

years ago. As this has been a beautiful gift to me, I decided to further explore where

teacher training would take me and in turn to share this with others. I completed my

200 Hour YYT Teacher Training the summer of 2014. In addition have taken additional

training in Yin and am presently working on Restorative. 

In my classes, there is a focus on prana, strength and flow thus promoting a connection between

movement and breath. It is open to all levels with various modifications to assist in enhancing your

practice. I am really excited to see you there. 



© 2017 Fit On 45th